Sunday, January 18, 2009

Monday, January 12th: We've Only Just Begun

Erin's covered the day pretty well already, so I don't have much to add. I think the thing that most stood out to me was how far I already felt from home. Not homesick, just far from where my roots have been. It was a long drive, mostly because we left so late. Something about driving at makes the hours pass more slowly. I actually like night driving. There's an utter stillness in it. But by the time we hit Arkansas, it was getting dark and we still had the entire state, along with a chunk of Texas to drive through. I think the highlight of Arkansas, for me at least, was the rest stop. The toilets were amazing! Good, old fashioned septic outhouses. It was a beautiful, aromatic experience which Erin, oddly enough, declined to partake in. I can't imagine why.

The Amazing Arkansasian Toilets

Erin's response to my plumbing experience.

Actually, the above picture is an example of how tired we were when we finally hit Texarkana, the town that borders Texas and Arkansas. We still had several hours of driving ahead, and at this point, Starbucks was not likely able to dispel our desire for bed. In lieu of sleep, we got a little punchy. Erin has an amazing, contortable face, and she used it well for my delight and entertainment. The drive through Texas was long and quiet. Well, actually, I had the music up pretty loud, while Erin dozed/rested/didn't actually sleep but wished she could. That last leg of the drive, it was all I could do to stay awake. Katrina greeted us outside her apartment with hugs, and we wasted little time snuggling into bed. Austin awaited us the next day. Right now, we just wanted a few moments of unconscious slumber.

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