Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Saturday, January 10th: Packing Up

The day before Erin and I set out on our much-anticipa
ted road trip, I spent the day tying up loose ends, packing the car in the rain, and then, after Sara arrived, heading over to Erin’s church, where they were having their first Saturday evening coffee house/church service thingy. My friends Jason and Bradley met us there and good times were had by all. Sara and I had to leave before all was said and done, because I still had stuff to do to get ready, and Erin and I wanted to leave very early in the morning. Jason and Bradley helped us out by going back to Erin’s house with her afterwards and “helping” her pack, then driving her and her stuff to MY house.

The plan had been to go to bed as early as possible. However, Bradley and Jason were far too entertaining to send away, particularly when they began modeling Erin’s clothing for us.

Bradley shows off his sexy girly jacket

Jason demonstrates his Emo skills

Around 1 a.m. after Erin collapsed in my foyer,

"This is the arm I put the drugs in..."

we finally said a long goodbye.

Jason poses with a sleeping Erin

I think I was trying to avoid saying goodbye at all…but I knew I couldn’t keep them forever. So at long last, I let them drive away, and trudged up to bed for my last night in the house I’ve lived in since 1995. So much for early to bed. But it would be our first day of driving and adrenaline would be high. No worries. The journey was about to begin.


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  2. We probably shouldn't have keep you both up so late but it was too much fun. Erin was so exhausted lol. It was definitely a good, fun night to leave to.

  3. Man, you sure are online a lot for being on a road trip! Congrats!

  4. Which boy is which? Just curious.

  5. We are eagerly awaiting your arrival out here. I hope you've been taking high doses of vitamin D because sunlight has been VERY scarce around here lately.

  6. more! more! love you guys!