Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tuesday, January 13th: It's going to be a jolly good day, I'ld wager.

Ah Austin...
This was a glorious day, filled with magic and the unveiling of our true selves. We awoke to find ourselves turned into cubes of ice from the lack of heat in the apartment. True, it was hard to thaw ourselves, requiring much running around in circles and screaming, but with every hardship tends to come a good story. Second air-bed experience: over...After becoming human again, we made our way to a cute little gas-station-food-breakfast-taco-BBQ-giftshop-weird-bathroom-place thingy. It was quite unique, and their seating area was quite a spectacle. We all felt our childhood returning as we climbed gregariously over the arm rails. Susanna started becoming what she had always dreamed of being: The person who bosses everyone around!!

Queen of the world!
She triumphed over poor Katrina, while I (The court jester, of course!) scoffed at her silliness.
As we moved to a more comfortable location, being benches on the inside of Rudy's, we began to ingest many wonderful breakfast tacos the likes of which we had never tasted, EVER!

They were delicious. Susi demonstrates how much she enjoyed them.

As we made our way out of Rudy's and through the town of Denton, I became steadily more bored...As I was FORCED to sit in the back seat, all alone, without anyone beside me to keep me company or to cheer me up when I'm depressed or calm my fears, or anything that I might need in such a trying time, I decided to play my DS!! This made me feel a little better, and I began kicking some sky pirate butt in Final Fantasy: Revenant Wings!!! I began flying my airship, so aptly named Aeryni, around to different sky isles and finding many evil sky pirates who were using Yarhi to kill people. I had to stop them, and I knew it would take allllll day. Plus, there was all this trouble with my pal trying to destroy this really precious auralith. So, I had to teach him a lesson, but then I found out that he was just doing the right thing and that I had been wrong the whole time... It really sucked. I hate being wrong... ....
Yeah, anyway, I'm sure you all don't care, but I really enjoyed it. All that to say, that I was playing this game, and was very rudely interrupted by Susi's urgent need to use the bathroom. Of course, this might be the best thing that has happened to me in a very long time, because we stopped at a Starbucks in Waco, TX. There, a very hip barista told me that he liked my hair! "Well, thanks to you, my good sir, you have a rather nice patch on your head as well," I replied (Not quite like that, but whatev). He found out we were from DC, on a road trip, and wanted to come out and talk to us, since he was just getting off work. So, not wanting to be rude to the poor young man, we obliged. lol. We sat down outside, and started chatting about why we were on a road trip. BUT, I found out that he was a musician and studying audio production. Now, there are a rare breed of people who would respond to me in the manner that he did, but it still makes me smile to think this actually happened: I began babbling, as I do on occasion, about how I've always wanted to find someone I could work on music with in a long distance fashion, like Postal Service. And he got all excited about the idea. "You really want to start a band with me?? Well, more like a chill long distance project? That's awesome." We were really happy and started dancing around in circles. Anywho, His name is Jacob, and he happens to be really cool. We talked for a good hour, which was kinda bad, 'cause we were already really late leaving to get to Cathy's, but we were really excited about our new friend, who happens to be stalking us on facebook now.. =)

Jacob and I discussing the details of our "band." =)

We finally did leave, with promises of posting his picture on facebook, 'cause he's so vain. haha.
Boredom took over in the car again, which resulted with me and Susi taking pictures of ourselves for no apparent reason.

"I am so hot!!! No man can resist me."

"Good God woman, get over yourself!!!! What is wrong with you?"

I then entertained myself by taking on the form of an AMAZING photographer from Australia! "And 'ere we 'ave, the elusive 'edge-og of the amazon. In it's natural 'abitat no less! We've never seen it before dis close up. It's an amazin' sight to behold. Honestly, we may 'ave staged a show or two in the past, but this 'ere is a genuine sighting. Be sure to tune in next week for the elusive 'edg-ogs mating rituals, it will really be somthin' out o' dis world!!"

The elusive "edge-og".........

We finally did make it to Cathy's and were very excited to see her. It was like old times again. It almost felt like we'd be seeing each other at work the next day. Alas, we knew this was not true. We headed to downtown Austin and walked sixth street. It was pretty quiet, due to school being out and it being a Tuesday, but we loved seeing all the neat little music joints. We chose an amazing Irish pub, where we all got grilled cheeses of some variety or another. Weird, I know. They had a really good cover band playing, and all the musicians were very good.

Cathy is AWESOME!!!

We tramped back home, blew up the air-bed, (My third experience with air mattresses, in a row, yuck!) and began chatting over a glass of wine. I promptly fell asleep, and Katrina soon followed, leaving Susi and Cathy to talk about who-knows-what-and-I-probably-don't-want-to-know until all hours of the night. Day 3: finished. Another amazing day to add to our journey south and westward towards things unknown and fulfillments unmet.

PS. Air mattresses really suck.

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  1. I was disappointed (okay, not really, I'm only joking here) that there were no pictures of the "unveiling of your true selves.

    Susanna in the huge chair reminds me somehow of the witch as in "The Lion, the WITCH and the Wardrobe."

    I loved the whole Australian photographer bit.